Production Staff

Director: Valerie Joyce

Scenic Designer: Daniel P. Boylan

Costume Designer: Janus Stefanowicz

Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth

Sound Designer: John Stovicek

Choreography: Valerie Joyce

Dramaturg: Hallie Martenson

Stage Manager: Amanda Coffin


Street Singers: Christen Mandracchia, Mikal Odom, Cari Brezina

J.J. Peachum: Mitchell Bloom

Mrs. Peachum: Meghan Winch

Filch: John McGraw

Polly Peachum: Allyce Morrissey

Macheath: Stephen Tornetta

Jenny: Megan Rose

Reverend Kimball: Barry Brait*

Tiger Brown (Commissioner of Police): John K. Baxter

Smith (Warden): Kyle Fennie

Lucy Brown: Jill Jacob

Matt: Christopher Dayett

Jake: Brenden Kortenhaus

Bob: Chris Monaco

Walt: Dan Gorman

Betty: Meg Trelease

Dolly: Rebecca Jane Cureton

Molly: Elizabeth Campbell

Coaxer: Samantha Simpson

Beggars: Rebecca Jane Cureton, Jim Hawkins

The Threepenny Opera

“Smart, sardonic and utterly entertaining.”

– Madison Capital Times


The Threepenny Opera

by Bertolt Brecht

music by Kurt Weill

English adaptation by: Marc Blitzstein

directed by Valerie Joyce

April 14th – 26th, 2015

 A masterpiece of modern theatre, Bertolt Brecht's biting critique of capitalism explodes with colorful characters, gritty London streetscapes, and toe-tapping tunes like "The Ballad of Mack the Knife" and "Pirate Jenny." A sensational spin on the 18th-century Beggar’s Opera, Brecht & Weill’s groundbreaking musical tells the tale of MacHeath, London’s most notorious criminal, as he pursues the woman he loves while dodging the police and London bourgeoisie. Around him an assortment of corrupt characters maneuver for advantage, begging the question: must one be a criminal to survive in this world? “The granddaddy of all the singing, stinging portraits of fat societies on their eves of destruction” – The New York Times.

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