Production Staff

Director: Douglas Carter Beane

Stage Manager: Andrea Rumble-Moore

Dramaturg: Ellen "Dash" Walter



Teddy: Brishen Miller

Caroline: Tara Demmy

Robert: Nikitas Menotiades

Helen, Patron, Paula, Audrey Hepburn: Kara Krichman

Rowena: Sisi Wright

T., Soldier, Stosh: Josh McIlvain

Mr. Dowlan, Soldier, David, Patron: Ian Notte

Irene, Lady of Simplicity 1, Patron, Jan, Olga: Nicole Meredith

Frog, Patron: Mary Lyon

Gina, Lady of Simplicity 2, Patron: Megan Schumacher

Skeleton, Steven, Stanley, Patron: CJ Miller

Brian, Jakey, Soldier, Gene, Patron, Henry Fonda: Brian King

Behavior of Light Postcard

A New Play Reading


The Behavior of Light 

by Douglas Carter Beane 

Directed by Douglas Carter Beane 

April 27-29, 2018 

When local factories in 1970s West Reading, PA require employees to earn their GEDs, staff begin taking Continuing Education classes at the local middle school. Teddy, the school’s janitor, finds himself inspired by Caroline, a free-spirited art teacher. He begins to leave behind tokens of his affection, crafted with creativity and care. When shameless principal Robert steals Teddy’s work and sets his sights on Caroline, Teddy fights back and brings his jubilant, whimsical world to life. The Behavior of Light touches the heart as an outsider uses art as a vehicle for profound connection, and turns his quiet corner of the room into a bold, brilliant “corner of the sky.”