Peter Danzig

Peter Andrew Danzig (’14) (they/them) LSW, MSS, MA, CCPT, CPT is a Senior Leadership Strategist, Therapist and Diversity and Inclusion Professional in the Greater Philadelphia region. Peter’s research and practice interests are invested in community mental health, theories on adult play and the ways it frames our social interactions, and trauma informed work with clients and artists/creatives. Peter’s clinical approach is rooted in holistic, relational and humanistic theory. They believe in a strengths-based perspective, recognizing the resiliency in their clients. They hope to always create a supportive and safe space to help clients navigate trauma, conflict, and difficult life transitions with clear and focused goals. Peter passionately believes in the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client and strives to support their clients in a myriad of ways. Their focus is to help LGBTQ+ people find strength amongst a marginalized environment, empowering them to appreciate their strongest instrument, themselves. Peter’s practice focuses on the ways in which our minds and bodies are often separated through trauma and looks for healing approaches in which to strengthen our fragmented selves. Their work primarily integrates person-centered and somatic based approaches to mental health while also utilizing elements of motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed expressive arts therapy. Peter hopes to support clients in addressing challenges with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, disordered eating, relationship dissonance, transition support, gender dysphoria, addiction and trauma history.

Peter’s research and Op-Eds have been featured in the Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Gay News, The Mighty, and others. Prior to their work in mental health and organizational dynamics, Peter worked in administration at the University of the Arts, University of Pennsylvania, and Moore College of Art. Peter received their MA as an Acting Scholar from Villanova University and an undergraduate degree from Temple University. Peter received their MSS degree from Bryn Mawr College and was the L. Diane Bernard Fund for LGBTQ and Human Sexuality Scholar recipient. Peter has experience in senior leadership and administration providing case management and counseling in a variety of settings including hospitals, higher education, and non-profit arts agencies. In 2014, Peter founded Theatrical Trainer, a non-profit research collective dedicated to social service and wellness for artists across the country.