Production Staff

Director: Jill Harrison

Scenic Designer: Colin McIlvaine

Costume Designer: Laila Swanson

Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth

Sound Designer: John Stovicek

Mask Designer: Alisa Kleckner

Choreographer & Fight Choreographer: Samantha Reading

Stage Manager: Galen Blanzaco

Dramaturg: Ann Marley


Matt: Lee Stover

Jenny: Tara Demmy

Maria: Sisi Wright

Sam: Brishen Miller

Colleen: Shawneen Rowe

Gibson: Leo Bond

Quincy: Mina Kawahara

Edna: Tina Lynch

Chorus: Kara Krichman, Mary Lyon, & Mark Wheeler

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play
"Harrison’s cast of MFA grad students and undergrads are a gifted group, and seem to have a passion for the story. They present a great demonstration of ensemble work at its best."
"eye-catching and intriguing"
Act III is "a fantastic opera with a percussive orchestra using metal pipes, guitar, piano and elaborate costumes."
"ambitious and quirky dark comedy"

a breathtaking, brain-teasing evening

Washington Post

Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

by Anne Washburn

Score by Michael Friedman

Lyrics by Anne Washburn

Directed by Jill Harrison

Feb 6 -18, 2018

The earth is barren, society has collapsed, and America as we know it has come to an end. Gathered around a fire in the woods, a group of dauntless survivors search for meaning in the face of their struggle and discover a shared love in retelling one of the great stories of their time: an episode of The Simpsons.  In a darkly comedic mash-up of oral tradition and pop culture, Washburn’s wildly inventive new play asks us to consider life beyond smart phones, Wi-Fi, and social media.  A rocking, rollicking musical mythology, Mr. Burns “will leave you dizzy with the scope and dazzle of its ideas.” (The New York Times)

Single tickets will be available for purchase: August 1st