Men on Boats  Cast:

John Wesley Powell- Alison Hyde Pascale

William Dunn- Olivia Morgan

John Colton Sumner- Reagan Venturi

Old Shady- Crys Clemente

Bradley- Taylor Molt

O.G. Howland- Noelle Diane Johnson

Seneca Howland- Abigail Little

Frank Goodman- Teya Juarez

Hall- Sara Buscaglia

Hawkins- Genevieve Windbiel


Men on Boats  Creative Team: 

Scenic Designer – Stefanie Hansen

Costume Designer – Janus Stefanowicz 

Lighting Designer – Lily Fossner

Sound and Projection Designer - Damien Figueras

Dramaturg – Hannah Deprey-Severance

Stage Manager – Joshua Peters



September 22nd - October 2nd, 2022

Wildcard Wednesday (VU Community Only): Sept. 21

Opening Night: Sept. 22 | Speaker's Series: Sept. 25

All shows at 8pm except Sunday 2pm

Written by Jaclyn Backhaus

Directed by Kristy Dodson

Ten explorers. Four boats. One Grand Canyon. This is the true(ish) history of an 1869 expedition, when a one-armed captain and a motley crew of loyal volunteers set out to chart the course of the Colorado River. Inspired by actual travel logs, Backhaus’s nimble and ingenious script is provocative, laugh-out-loud theatre, performed by a diverse cast of non-male actors who infuse America’s historic myths of male conquest with a sly blast of satire.


Content Guide

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Content warnings "are verbal or written notices that precede potentially sensitive content." Content warnings differ from spoilers because they don’t explain plot or context. Similarly to a rating on a movie or TV show, content warnings give the audience a heads up about potentially triggering topics in the performance. We hope that providing the following content warnings will equip our audiences with the tools they need to engage with the performance in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Like all good art, theatre asks audiences to engage with universal questions on a personal, sometimes challenging level. At the same time, please do note that there is a difference between trauma and discomfort. Without the latter, we can narrow and limit our experiences in ways detrimental to ourselves as individuals and as members of this community. Please use your best judgment and exercise self-care as needed.