Meet the Cast: Tina Lynch (Agave in BEGINNING)

Production dramaturg Zach Apony interviewed a number of our graduate students who appear in Bakkhai Variations. Enjoy this profile on Tina Lynch who is pursuing her thesis as Agave in Jessica Bedford’s Beginning.

Reblogged from Zach Apony’s dramaturgy blog found here.

1. When you found out you were cast in this role, what were you excited about?

I LOVE origin stories. Finding out I was going to get to dive into the world of Agave before the events of The Bakkhai was thrilling to me. I was also ecstatic that I was gaining three sisters and getting the opportunity to act with Angela, Lora and Manda. And of course, I was beyond happy to be working with James Ijames, again. Any chance to work with James is something to be excited about.

What performance opportunities immediately flooded into your mind?

I was interested in portraying an important Greek character that I feel is sometimes forgotten and bring her more to the forefront of an audience’s mind. There isn’t a lot written about Agave, yet her story is compelling. I was hoping for people to wonder: Who is this woman? Why don’t we know more about her? I was interested in really exploring who Agave is as a person, a feminist, a mother and a sister.

2. What discoveries have you made about digital theatre/film through this process?

We all had to be actors as well as our own ASM and technicians. It is hard to act in your own living room. As a performer, when you aren’t on stage, you are in a room, technically by yourself, and acting to a screen it is VERY different than being on stage in front of an audience. While dealing with distractions of the outside world of the play (like hearing a neighbor hammering their wall or the ice cream man driving down your street), it takes more effort to really feel the electricity that the environment of theatre usually provides. I found that my saving grace and “way in” every night was through Angela, my scene partner. It was through really listening to her and being with her that I felt present. Also, there are a lot of film terms that I was not aware of before this process!

3. Are there any details you made up about your character to start getting into the role? Hobbies?

The moment before this scene is very important for my character. She has already spoken to her sister, Autonoe, about her pregnancy and sent news to Ino. So Agave is awaiting Ino to join her in a Facetime call to elaborate on her pregnancy more. Agave has her stuff together so she of course is on time and waiting for her sister, Ino, to show up to the call. Of course, during this time she cleans and attends to her already pristine home. She uses aromatherapy and her plants as self-care.

Celebrity inspirations?

Bella Abzug, RGB, Maggie Smith, Some of the great Disney Villainesses, who are not necessarily villains but women who have unseen “origin stories” and are driven to overcome the patriarchy in their own ways.

Favorite foods?

Anything that is both sweet and savory. She has her sweet moments, but she can also be quite salty.

Do they remind you of someone else in your life?

My mother is the oldest of four sisters so there are ways in which they are similar but they are also very different.

4. What’s one of the silliest things that happened during rehearsals and recording?

Oh, we did an improvisational exercise where we got to speak with a sister other than the one we are speaking to in the play and there were some hysterical moments during those scenes that I can’t even put into words.

5. What about you? What can you be found doing when you’re not making theatre?

I wish I could be making theatre all of the time! I love spending time with my husband, family and friends. I really like running into people and having jovial yet deep conversations whether it is online or visiting the Villanova Office (masked, of course.) I really enjoy being a member of the Villanova Theatre Student Council. AND I love Drag and reality competition television!