Production Staff

Director: James Ijames

Scenic Designer: Parris Bradley

Costume Designer: Jennifer Povish

Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth

Sound Designer: John Stovicek

Dramaturg: Sarah Kelley

Stage Manager: Lize Meisenzahl

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Angel: Alexandra King

Marisol: Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez

June (Et Al): Laura Barron

Lenny: Leo Bond

Man With Scar Tissue (Et Al): Nikitas Menotiades

Woman With Fur (Et Al): Kim Shimer

Man With Golf Club (Et Al): Patrick McAndrew


"The awe factor is present both on and off stage in this effulgent production." 

"Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez takes her character Marisol through the Hero's Journey with heart, voice and soul."

"Villanova Theatre, with its first performance on election night -- earns extra power through its resonance with current events." 

"Played with fierce commitment ...O'Hanlon-Rodriguez's performance is operatic in its range and intensity" 

Marisol is one of the greatest U.S. plays of the 20th century and now, in its own way, one of the greatest U.S. plays of the 21st." 

"fantastically powerful" & "fabulously riveting."

“A comedy of terminal devastation”

Los Angeles Times


by José Rivera

directed James Ijames

November 8 – 20, 2016

Brooklyn is a war zone, coffee is extinct, the moon has disappeared, and angels are trading in their wings for machine guns. As a celestial battle against an old and senile God brews in heaven, the rebellion spills over into New York City. Without the protection of her guardian angel, Marisol Perez begins a surreal journey through the chaos of a crumbling world to find her way home. Met by vagrants and vagabonds at every turn, she must salvage what hope remains amidst the rubble of the apocalypse. Winner of the 1993 Obie Award, Marisol is a harrowing and timely dark fantasia that keeps you “laughing right through the misery”- Los Angeles Times.


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