Production Staff

Director: Kathryn MacMillan

Scenic Designer: Meghan Jones

Costume Designer: Janus Stefanowicz

Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth

Sound Designer: John Stovicek

Dramaturg: Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez

Movement: K.O. DelMarcelle

Dialect Coaches: Andrea Ainsworth and Owen McCafferty

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Anne: Megan Slater

Fiona: Kelly McAnally

Joan: Kasey Phillips

Aoife: Allyce Morrissey

Tracey: Sisi Wright

Taximan: Nik Menotiades

Phil: Luke Hensley

Ian: Chris Monaco

Emmet: Patrick McAndrew

Terry: Ian Notte


"a gentle waltz of meaningful encounters  and of individuals sharing their thoughts and secrets."

"Emmet and Fiona provide sustained, absorbing, easy communication between two souls. In doing so, they giveLagan a keystone. MacMillan's production centers itself."

"Appreciation of the play was immediate as Gregg has written a sweet and realistic slice of life that becomes amusing an affecting as it settles in."

"Ms. MacMillan directs this complex piece with great dexterity , allowing the lyricism of it to come through..."

An American Premiere!


by Stacey Gregg

directed by Kathryn MacMillan

February 7 – 19, 2017

 A son returns home to find the landscape of Belfast transformed. A woman talks to her son’s ghost. A man finds love unexpectedly. Ten lives act as tributaries feeding into a single river -- the Lagan, which flows through Northern Ireland. Here, specters abound, and each soul bears the weight of their nation’s violent past, producing a vivid, touching mosaic of humanity. Written by Stacey Gregg, one of Ireland’s most exciting young writers, Lagan is an intimate, engrossing portrait of people who have witnessed the tumult of war and the sudden calm of peace. But can a country, or city, ever really escape its past?

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