Production Staff

Director: Rev. David Cregan, OSA

Scenic Designer: Rajiv Shah

Costume Designer: Janus Stefanowicz

Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth

Sound Designer: John Stovicek

Dramaturg: Lexa Grace

Stage Manager: Rachel DelVecchio

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Electra: Kara Krichman

Clytemnestra: Megan Slater

Chrysothemis: Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez

Aegisthus: Dan Cullen

Orestes: Patrick McAndrew

Pylades: Mike Franz

Servant: Chris Monaco

Chorus: Laura Barron

Chorus: Kelly McAnally

Chorus: Kasey Phillips

Chorus: Lexi Schreiber

Chorus: Megan Schumacher

Chorus: Sisi Wright


"Directed with a powerful hand by Reverend David Cregan, OSA, PhD, the evening is a triumph of drama and design." 

"McGuinness' poetry is virile, subtly rhythmic and evocative in its imagery, with a vocabulary that is easier for modern audiences to understand than the more complex original."

"Electra is one of the great classic roles and Kara Krichman is up to the challenge."

"Evocative and memorable." | "Stylish and stylized." | "A visual feast."

"Sleek and Hypnotic”

– The New York Times 


by Sophocles,

adapted by Frank McGuinness

directed by Rev. David Cregan, OSA

September 20 – October 2, 2016

A story as old as time and as shocking as today’s headlines. Following the murder of her father at the hands of her mother, Electra lives in exile gripped by a furious desire to avenge his death. When her brother Orestes returns to claim the throne as its rightful heir, a tragedy of sacrifice, betrayal, and assassination ignites the stage in this action-packed re-telling of the ancient Greek drama. As Electra’s rage explodes without mercy, we are propelled to the play’s bitter and bloody conclusion. The New York Times calls McGuinness’ Electra “soul-satisfying drama at its most passionately, intensely alive.”

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